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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jaguar's new electric "Supercar"

Jaguar has stolen the Paris motor show with a sensational super car.
The Jaguar C-X75 uses four electric motors - one at each wheel - powered by Lithium-ion batteries, each producing 195bhp, giving a maximum 780bhp and a heart-busting 1,180lb ft of pulling power.
The purely electric mode gives SuperJag a range of just 68 miles, so engineers have fitted a pair of micro gas-turbines which spin to 80,000rpm and weigh 35kg each, to recharge the batteries (or supplement them), extending the range to a possible 560 miles. And this tree-hugger boasts performance stats capable of making today's supercars look like a bunch of gaggling neanderthals: 0-62mph takes 3.4secs, 50-90mph takes 2.3secs, and 0-187mph takes just 15.7secs.
The C-X75 uses a bonded aluminium chassis together with aluminium panels keeping weight down to just 1,350kg, while inside you get TFT high-resolution screens, a Jaguar Co-Pilot display and instrument/dash readouts which are angled for the driver. The design team used instrumentation from the new XJ and FIGHTER AIRCRAFT to create 3D 'gimbals' to provide status updates.
The stunning supercar is as much an evolution of Jag's design language as it is a nod to the company's illustrious past, with references to the 1950s C-Type and D-Type, as well as the XJ13 Le Mans prototype; a car which Ian Callum, Jag designer director, reckons is one of "the most beautiful Jags ever made"... until now


  1. Saw that on TV the other day. Looks impressive. They only showed 3D renderings though.

  2. yeah its only a concept though :D

  3. Honestly, if you just keep posting pictures of awesome cars like this one and the spaceship I'll be back here often. Maximum rad-ness